The ideological fringe culture of our generation.

The ideological fringe culture of our generation.

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Despicable post-00s. To be precise, he was born in 2002 in a plain area in the east. Not very rich nor particularly poor cities. There's not much to argue about until you turn 10. Now the post-00 generation as a next year both to adulthood. Or new development blood. I don't want to talk about my experience or the topic of argument. I just want to stand in a certain special group of people and analyze the current situation from a very niche perspective. The problem of our generation.
The difference is last year. We are just as special as the post-90s generation. Child. Those selfish selves are vividly reflected in us. Of course, the issue of our responsibility to support our parents in the future is also obvious.
Nowadays, it is difficult to survive in this era as an ordinary person. Whether it is economic pressure or the development of personal needs. There are incumbents who are better than us, and there are newborns with fresh blood. How to see the current generation after 00. It is worth the main issues that I have discussed in this text.
Maybe I'll talk a lot, maybe just a cursory one. Experience and consciousness over time.
I have to talk about the 97-99 years when we were born late with the post-90s. Similar but very strange. 21st century. If China developed slowly before 2008. Then after 2008 the development is a huge change. rapid. Instability and overpopulation, government and per capita differences. The nuances of the problem are gradually becoming more serious.
Talk about an age difference. Why talk about those of us who were born before we were born in 2005. For us the country is a time of development. I'm in elementary school. Witnessing the power of technology also witnessing development, including drawbacks. There are also innovative policy reforms. People's lives are thriving. These are unconscious of children born later than we do. For them the birth memories understand that everything in this world is so advanced and progressive. Reach out and take it. Why don't I talk about the post-90s and 80s who were born 8 or 9 years before we were born. Now it seems that they are married, and their careers are on the rise. Similarly, the post-80s family is complete. Fame and fortune in the career. We are the products of the post-70s generation. Most of our parents are around 40. This is a problem that can be proved. The proportion of Chinese married and childbearing late is increasing. The aging population facing our generation will increase to a certain extent. Moreover, the pressure and burden of only children supporting the elderly is enormous. However, Chinese government policy is not overly guaranteed.
Let's get back to a real problem. You could argue that what I'm talking about above is too far-fetched. First of all, the current situation. We are only after 00 to enter the threshold of university. You know the pressure of competing after graduation and the burden of work. These are vividly reflected in the post-90s. We had to wake up the alarm. And this pressure continues to increase as the number of years increases. One of the main issues I have to address.
We don't talk about geniuses, people who enter college early. In this regard, their pressure will be higher than normal people. Yes, our generation is generally open-minded, and this is true after the 90s. Our post-00s can be said to be no weaker than each other. Simply because of the low experience, judging the value. The formation of ideas is not as good as that of the 90 generation. Young people do all the bad things. Self-control is not as good as others. Development in all aspects is not conducive to progressive learning. It should be said that after 10 years, some situations will always change a lot. Maybe you will wonder about people who can't be different in 5 years. Cognitive perceptions should be much less. truly.
Heisei waste. It refers to our generation. There is a number. The difference in development between China and Japan in some cases is always about 25-30 years. Of course, this text of mine is a reflection on the linghe era. Why did I use such a word to describe us?
First of all, we are rich, at least the problem of food and clothing is solved. People began to go abroad and this can follow the beginning of the 80s of the last century. Cultures began to diversify, and ideas began to diversify. Cultural differences are becoming apparent. Racial status increases. There are good and bad. Everyone goes abroad with different ideas. International students vary greatly. But it boils down to several categories. You do not deny that you have brought back certain national cultures to the development of Kaiyuan.
In fact, I wrote this article to accurately judge such a culture. Otaku culture. But why did I start from the beginning? Even the premise of judging the collective of people of our time is to lead to the following. Pave the way for it. The same question is worth pondering. It also confuses and spurns me on certain issues.
Maybe it's the culture of ideological marginalization. I don't talk about European and American culture. Instead, I chose such a cultural development in Japan. Earlier, I did not talk about my own views. But here I will say a few words in a very hateful way. The culture of Japan has berled too much to me. But what I appreciate is the Showa period.
Back to the current state of our generation. For the post-90s and post-80s generations, anime is a very small personal interest. But now it's being expanded by you. There are good and bad developments. The otaku race I can't judge very well whether they really have such a group of interests or fake followers. In fact, it turns out that they do not belong to the waste of the Heisei generation. Niche ideas like me are fond of the content of Showa culture. Maybe it's the Reiwa era. I had the heart to talk about it. Those ACG otaku race. That kind of laziness and the development of young people Chinese the moment.
Anime, games. This is a fantasy product. It is different from philosophy. Anime game illustration is a kind of fantasy produced. At least not in the world we live in today. It can be accurately said to be fictional. But philosophical fantasies of thought do raise questions based on the problems of the present world. and questions that deserve reflection. I am not and not very disdainful of anime, which is a spiritual culture that is a wrong culture. Have to talk about its development in some. (Like the different kinds you like when you watch a play) Even the other world has brought some people to think and change at the moment. But not every culture accepts it completely. Any culture that is absorbed without everyone thinking and looking at it is different. This is especially true of good works. In particular, the experience and harvest obtained from each viewing is different.
What I want to look forward to and reflect on is our generation today. More of a otaku culture is a kind of unenterprising. Not motivated. Even defiled. In fact Chinese it can be said that the Japanese race has always been prejudiced. Both history and reality. There is always a group of people who live in the past. But did he really live in that era? It cannot be said that even Chinese ideology and culture except in the Asia-Pacific region. In recent decades, a country that has absorbed foreign ideas and culture is this country that has forgotten about us across the sea. Any country has something worth learning from and thinking about and transforming into itself. Instead of blindly following the trend. A blindfolded group of people. Following the trend is everywhere in this world. A group must have a lot of problems in it.
That's what disgusts me. Man is not self-love. I talked about sex and otaku culture in my last article. This story is a problem for those who are popular culture and some young people today.

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