You can't communicate with your child because you're thinking the wrong way.

You can't communicate with your child because you're thinking the wrong way.

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It can be determined. I really haven't seen such forward-looking writing in a long time. Let's talk about what I've done in recent years. This text analysis is very complete. It's also very explicit. What I have been thinking about is also the development of this generation.

Below is the Zhihu link I saw.

There are some places. It's worth digging into and thinking about. Even consider future development. with processing. What better way to sustain the future.

If you understand the words of the creation I wrote. You know my history with the words of man. We still have the possibility to continue talking.

I have maintained my own views on education in China for the past few years. About the pedantic elementary and secondary schools and the poisonous culture behind them. I myself was a victim. Perhaps it was because of my observations and discoveries that I was determined to get rid of this mode of thinking. In the eyes of them (those classmates, mostly immature parents), even in the eyes of my own parents. When I have heard them, the mind always walks in the present, developing into a precursor to future thinking. In their opinion I was what a period of adolescent rebellion. To make an unwritten joke I have no childhood, where puberty comes from. I grew up thinking and reflecting on every day. (At a young age, Lack always seeks the truth in misunderstandings and illusions.) That's how critical thinking I came about. )

I've talked about what growth is, (the Oedipus plot inspires us). I also hope to change a person's perception of the three views.

The current generation has many intractable problems. Development vision. Not only at the beginning of 2000. This was even more true for children after 2010. Born in such a time. It was only 10 years ago that the problem was gradually revealed (lù). Education is really slow.

We are a time of cultural excess. Those valuable products and words are still a waste of time in the fast food culture that procrastinates. Enjoy the thrill of fast food. But I can't get rid of the anxiety.

We continue to address the issues mentioned earlier. I took a few screenshots, detailed from the pictures below to find points and differences.


That text tells you again, control. I don't understand the thinking of a new generation in the new era. But it is necessary to suppress them and educate them in the old era. Do you think such an education is correct?

The one-child generation is special and a new turning point generation. Such a problem cannot be handled well if it cannot be handled. Then there are a lot of problems in the later development that need to be re-recognized.

1, the only child, is also a unique individual. You need to treat him as an adult, a unique individual with mutual respect. Communication. You can't always put yourself on the shelf of elders/parents and talk about things. (That kind of filial piety is a wrong concept) Otherwise, others will be polite to you on the surface, and they will not listen to a word in their hearts. There was no substantive communication. Even caring for this emotional transmission can fail.


2, remember, I talked about the current generation in the previous three texts, for marginal culture, otaku culture, sexual culture education, addiction dependence. Both are between a virtual world, an alternative to the web. The transformation of realism and virtuality. In a world of solitude, the incidence of neuroses is high. It's not the kids who are at fault, nor the internet as a tool. It is over-control, and pedantic parents have not properly guided their children's use and dependence on certain things.

Detachment from the sense of reality can be said to be that there must be problems in the real world at present. Easy to develop, the formation of mental illness is normal and natural.


3, excessive control, pedantic and incomprehension, deepening contradictions, what will cause? It develops naturally. Various relationships are not harmonious, (please understand my words.) Whenever a problem tragedy arises, there must have been many small problems that have not been solved, misunderstandings, and delays. It is bound to cause a big problem. )

I am most afraid of what drags on and does not deal with it. There is no substance in the exchange.

If you say the front, you can't overly suppress and control. Respect their own uniqueness. Then the so-called rebellion in this place does not exist. (For clarity, understand.) Knowing what youth is is not there)

If there are, misunderstandings, misunderstandings, and always do not change the old thinking to look at the new generation. Pray that they will listen to you. This in itself is the wrong idea. Governance. Intervention, interference. Aren't you interfering with his growth?


4, Chinese style, wangzi jackie chan, hope female chengfeng. Without talking about the pros and cons of test-taking education, if you look at a thing. Only know the success of learning. Lack has never studied failure. Always encourage positive energy. Lack of understanding of negative energy, but also disgusted acceptance. Such a foolish and closed development. Wouldn't it be possible to look at the problem from a dialectical point of view?

Competition exists everywhere. The population itself exists in the base and the opportunities are limited. Failure cannot stand. Emphasis on success. (Please, how can your emotional child not know?) But such invisible pressure comes from society, schools, parents, neighbors, teachers. What a death knell for their mental stress? Don't say that high school kids are stressed now, you know it's still doing it. What a fire pit to push a man. In order to win, the efforts of Chinese-style students are known all over the world. But there is no nation like Japan that has to work hard. The picture above is full of comparisons, competitions. People compete with each other, work hard, and break through themselves is the right way to compete. Compare, compare. Why bother with its heart, the heart is not right, the method. Improper use.


The wrong old ideas of the parents' generation are imposed on the new generation. It's a tragedy. As far as I know, such things are thrown at least now in production. Only children have been born for dozens of generations. I wonder why this generation is like this (Heisei waste). Not their waste. But in themselves, as people of this era, the pressure and anxiety are very high. For the wrong guidance and education of the only seedlings, it can be said that they wasted their life prospects and took the wrong route.

Reflect on it, what are the future progress and methods? Problem generation, analysis, understanding. But the way to solve the problem. Many problems are actually unsolvable. I can tell you the person in charge. Such text. It can be said that Chinese parents have not been able to fully realize what is wrong for 10 years. Delivered out of the child. The problem must be there. Get to know your children and respect their generation. Is it that simple? No, it won't. You see now the children after 93 years have been married and started a family. Why are there still so many marital problems. It is inevitable that some problems still exist. Knowing and understanding, only a small number of people have changed. There are too many of themselves who don't want to think about it. People who go to change. Communication cannot convey substantive issues.

Do you say there's any point in me talking about this? I've been searching for answers for 5 years. Trying to unravel a lot of problems that shouldn't happen. However, there are many, and there are too many similarities in The Existence of Chinese-style Families. It's not that it's right that many of them show up. Rather, the phenomenon itself is wrong. It's just too many cases, just too many, just normal. But it is a problem of 4 generations to solve.

Ultimately. Such words are not in line with my usual approach to asking questions and solving problems. Full article. Nor are there any constructive opinions. It is simply a matter of self-understanding and analysis. Make the post-00s kind, or those post-00s parents, realize the importance of this problem for so many years.

To put it in a data-based way, generally, primary and secondary school teachers, medical staff, civil servants. It is easy not to accept new things. The control is too strong, causing repression to the sub-girls, rebellious. The environment in which mental illness arises.

This problem is very easy to solve. It is not a generational problem to change. History is always in the past. We hope that the future will strive to create good. Who wants their next generation to come to this world like themselves to suffer? Published on Zhihu 2019-05-18

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