Those アニメ動画 online watch URL!

Those アニメ動画 online watch URL!

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Originally, I had the heart to share some of the URLs I used because I knew the answer. According to the understanding of most Chinese people. This aspect is really lacking!

How to say that the problem caused by such a lack of energy lies in the closed language, the closed environment, and the thinking will be defective! There will be a market, business opportunities! These are the programmers behind, the developers. Job.

Back to the point. It's a benefit sharing content!

Domestic words. Basically,Station B is contracted. iQiyi, Youku has some other drama copyrights. Although in the early years, those of us A station users have always loved the things in this circle. This is a normal channel platform with playback rights. There are also some domestic nameless, carrying, their own code to cover the platform watermark this… A windmill, a dilidili, a cherry blossom, too much more. This kind of building server, climbing through the resources plus their own website watermark. I haven't even seen the private Chinese subtitle group on their site. Part of the revenue depends on the number of clicks, the number of plays. Part of it is advertising and marketing revenue.

Say something real. I never said that the D station was a dilidili. That's Chinese's self-deception. In fact, the D station is a character mapping, modeling. Character model resource download (upload. Site. Details can be Baidu deviantart.

Above is the domestic website, below is the foreign drama broadcast website.

tips: Isn't it good to open your own magic Internet? Originally a foreign server, ping must be slow. Blocking of the lock area is possible.

Suitable for partners who can nibble on English/Japanese raw meat first you can understand. Read it. Some of them have subtitles.

First of all, Chinese Traditional words. Intensely Amway.

Bamhart animation madness. (

This website is basically a site similar to the domestic B station in Taiwan. Resources are certainly richer than in China. Because radio censorship you know. but,(でも、(How,) lock area.) authentic. You can only use Taiwan's IP node / go directly to Taiwan to get it. No solution. Lock area. Can only be viewed in Taiwan.

English website, Funimation(

Introduction funimation I was a bit lazy. Copy is easier.

Funimation is a major Distributor of Japanese animation and film in North America, with nearly 30 years of experience in DVD distribution and film distribution. Popular titles such as Your Name, Dragon Ball Z, Star Cowboy, One Piece, and My Hero Academia are all available in Funimatio.

Problem 1 Lock area. Not very obvious. North American nodes are basically accessible. This is the case with many North American service providers. Helpless.

Before playing the game to know a British little brother gave me Amway over his free to watch the drama site.

English, subtitles in English

tips: Fan drama English/Roman pronunciation, that is, (you use Chinese name yourself to Baidu Encyclopedia /Wikipedia to check most works you can find the English name. Which name to use to go to site search.


animefreak is also an English online viewing site

Watch online, offering several playback channels. Why the playback is slow, the beginning said. Foreign servers, high latency affirmed. How to mitigate latency. Solve it yourself.

I don't want to provide more of those methods. If you don't understand it, you will be a mother. Du Niang did not google. If you really can't find out, but someone tells you that you do, that's because you're in the wrong position. Digression!


ニコニコ N stations


In fact, most Japanese people watch most of them on TV stations, or buy their own BD disks. Speaking of the more resources of the drama, I can only think of these two. Hulu lock zone. (It is difficult to register in the country.) N station is ok)

Of course, TV stations look back at such services, and the website still has it.

Creator of AMV/Mad er. Most of the requirements are best edited with raw assets.


Edible inquiry method. Same as English/Roman sound query.

Toto is also (Tokyo Book Law)tokyotosho

Of course, there are still many domestic raw forum resource websites.

Only magnetic chain/B't seeds are provided

I personally understand the sites that have been used above. In fact, there are many English online viewing sites. Perhaps the forum is more useful in this regard. Most good resources are not online to watch but to download Magnet Chain offline.

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