Record once the server crashes again!

Record once the server crashes again!

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First of all, the Nth maintenance of the website, I think I should send out some articles every time I maintain it to reflect on what I have done!
It's neither a WordPress issue, but Nginx's certificate. First of all I was lazy. I'm because it's two domain names. Request a certificate for both domain names. I've been using Cloudfare's CDN. Five-second shield.
So I'm quite lazy in terms of https, the certificate requested by the server is another domain name for me I just resolved the URL to this domain name. Maybe under normal circumstances this domain name is really easy to remember. On Alibaba to
cloudfareDNS changes, resolve. Because the two certificate applications for the URL are given to the former domain name. I found out tonight that I added DNSpod in order to better improve domestic analysis, but also for Tencent Cloud's mailbox
service monitoring. (There is an https red lock, because the certificate is not my main domain name
and it just so happens that my, did the
cache, and I this domain name to register in nameilo. You know fw to death! I used to do secondary linking. Still planning. At present, Nginx always has problems at every turn.
Constant debugging is the key to the problem!

The final answer is debugging failure! I retryed Cloudfare's 15-year key and failed! And the site appears to be unopenable!

I'm ready to move the server back home next year! And apply for filing! For https this certificate can toss me for half a day! I said I wasn't using DNSpod. I've turned off his service resolution. But the hateful thing is that he threw it on my site while still testing!

I kind of know why it turned into a server crash. Once again when I automatically coded to configure the https certificate, he wrote the IP address of my service area to an error. Because it belongs to the domain name protection, the protection address of the cf proxy is automatically retrieved.

Causes the server to crash. Snapshot recovery! But it was not a coincidence. I don't care about data loss for the first time, several times, every time I modify the backup snapshot I will always believe in myself too much. Broken. It's hard when you can only recover! That comment cannot be recovered. It hurts!

Lost information in this crash!

A comment. Can't get it back! Two SEO ranking search plugins! wp caching plugin! Sites that enable wp caching do not start plugins for a while later!

WordPress 5.2.2 I'm not in a hurry to update either! Due to the rush of time. I was anxious to rest. Yet I'm still working. This burden my body can't eat! This issue will be solved later!

Invalid certificates are too real! (Certificate issue solved!) )

Indeed it is a DNSpod distribution issue. That's why I parsed dnspods onto cloudfare. However five seconds shield is parsed I nameesilo. This way, there will be no certificate errors. This kind of scam certificate https is only cloudfare can do!

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