About recent website maintenance and learning!

About recent website maintenance and learning!

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Sometimes suddenly I can't find what I wrote before. Data is sometimes recovered once. Can't get back what's lost. After all, a snapshot is still a snapshot.
Considered replacing the server. Vultr is still a little expensive after a year. Use up the balance first. Will consider, Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud. Build a server in the country. This server doesn't necessarily stop. Will slowly stop. The main problem arises. Consider filing. and website content. Based on the fact that I want to keep a WordPress site. This is preferred with maintenance.
Second point. Escrow accounts like GitHub. I have four domain names under my hands.

(This is the home page.)

Once the homepage, it is now changed to GitHub hosted domain name resolution.
jioushan.top (hexo homepage)
This domain name is still very intuitive to be searched and queried. I did not register com, cn, jp registrars, nationally certified domain names.
I also have a domain name jump. riyi.xyz redirect the website to use because of good memory. There is also a peanut shell, an intranet that penetrates a hard-to-remember domain name. The safest thing is

jioushan.xyz。 The riyi.xyz is resolved for access

There is also a qualification to get a me domain name for one year for free. It is still not in use.
Just used,
jioushan.me used domestic
Jinan host. Still applying for filing!

Because of the consideration of changing servers. Not now. Expected years later. Discard some domain names. Renew and maintain their domain names. Too many domain names are not conducive to maintenance. A lot of code is monetized and bundled with domain names.
Have time to toss the Raspberry Pi again to learn.
As well as secondary website construction, file repair, website maintenance lost articles!

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