CDN Selection ???

CDN Selection ???

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CDN Choice??

It's been a bit stuffy lately. To laugh at my ignorance. There is no end to precise storytelling. Still not in place. Make up for these old pits.
Don't rip inspirational no needs. Still continue technical avoidance. It's the pit I often step on. Let's talk about experience. Why this problem and convenience arises.

CDNs are powerful content. Acceleration/deceleration depends on which CDN distribution is on your network.

Deceleration CDN !!!

Let's talk about a problem. Why do we want to connect to a CDN. Sites running naked on the Internet? This is a must. Why sites are so easily attacked.


The required CDN cache distribution helps us coordinate mitigations. It also protects our original address from discovery and attack.
This requires the protection of cdns. Cache distribution. I can guarantee that every time I visit, I get a cache that is easy to download quickly. The demand for CDNs is really serious.
Non-stop original server requests. Severe overloading of the server with expensive traffic. We chose a set of CDNs to alleviate!
Rip off so many benefits of CDNs. We know it's a CDN. Whether it's a foreign five-second shield cloudfare or a CDN of a Google Home Toll Credit Card, Akamai? God knows how this stuff CDN applied. 360 Cloud?? The console is not audited. Or Huawei's, Ali's, Tencent's? Seven Cow Cloud CDN? Shoot cloud CDN again? dnspod? Baidu Home CDN? Expensive out of death, netease? Too many to count. Even I'm in no hurry. Domestic requirements are required for filing. Start the paid experience. Foreign countries are like vultr, AWS Amazon cloud, Google cloud. Hourly demand. That is, how many cache visits you have in a month to count traffic. Over-deducted. It's also too real.
Free Daddy cloudfare. There is no fee limit. There are several domain names under one account. There are even domain name certificates that help you disgust. What surprised me was that. My website has not been moved back to China. He cloudfare any port sweep. It's scary. Harming me kcp also go cloudfare makes me a little helpless. I was happy to help me hide the address.

CDN charges and use is pit. DNS resolution is also a pit. Domain name manufacturers desperately disgust you with this feeling in order to pit you. Maybe it's just your own heart that you're crying out.


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