People who have died souls. (Password: jioushan182)

People who have died souls. (Password: jioushan182)

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A lonely world in search of your own traveler. Confusion seems to be everyone's. This man was devastated to find that he had struggled for so many years, and that this world era did not belong to a place where he could tolerate it.
Reminisce about the past and look forward to the future. Yet not everyone is a genius who can change the world and revolve around his ideal state.
However, genius and madness are only a line apart. Gamblers win or lose. Is it true that the balance of life's destiny will tilt towards him? Paranoid and stubborn character. An unruly soul who knows where the ship is drifting?
Distance between people. The difference in thinking of the times. It is not only the material spirit that can be seen, touched, and spoken thoroughly, but also the gap that can be understood. It is where the heart belongs. Entertainment is paramount, hedonistic age. Shallow people, people who insist on seeking knowledge. Thoughts and memories that cannot be pursued.
The greatest clever deception of mankind is the so-called stupidity: the exploration of the so-called quality to the end. If you don't want anything, you have nothing to offer. Then this person is broken. It can also be said as: dead.
The soul has become so stupid that in the course of human progress, there is only a shell of so-called thinking left. In self-deception, self-gratification, self-remembrance. The so-called distinctive.
The one who fell behind. Can you really keep up and surpass the jagged runners who walked before?
Confusion is a state. People don't understand it in order to explain it, understand it. Struggle to find ways to overcome it and be able to accept it yourself. People who continue this state break down in the first place. But the so-called people who have found the so-called way out. Is it really getting rid of it? It was nothing more than a scarred dragging a tired body forward.
Self-deceptive, self-satisfied human beings are ugly and short in the first place. Is it possible for a short person to get rid of the shackles in order to be strong? People whose souls die are pathetic but deceitful. Because they have been confused in the so-called self-redemption and have died.
Religious belief and support are nothing more than a means of self-deception in order to survive in this world.
The understanding of human life means the death of the soul. It also means as mentioned earlier. Stupid people. Curiosity itself is right. But the law of all things is not the same as the pressure applied. A slight overdoing, death.

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