Set up a private picture bed

Posted on 2019-10-08  235 Views

Built a graph bed with his own subdomain. (After all, there is a free idle web hosting)

Previously it was always used with a white cat big picture bed . Use it for a long time. I'm sorry. It's better to build one yourself.

Because it is a picture bed built by Chevereto. I found that many people have used this to build a picture bed. Because its subject matter is too easy to identify. Officially, there are different versions for charges.

GitHub: Free edition project. Link. Download .

Usage: 1, Extract to web site directory/subdirectory. See if you want to add subdirectories when your domain name is opened/

2. Create a settings .php file in the directory choeverto/app

(Grant all permissions to files in the web directory)

(php) release notes. Please use version 5.6 php. Never use php above 7.1. Errors will be reported.

3. Open yours in the browser. Domain/index .php

Turn on the installation. Enter the admin username, information, password. The configuration of the database.

My figure bed. Welcome to use it together. Click here to communicate

If your browser cannot open https/protocol is not supported. Please visit http version .

Note: Please use the Figure Bed service after registration. Visitors are not allowed to upload.