CDN machine room node switching speeds up http access – ws+TLS+CDN protocol accelerates CDN access.

CDN machine room node switching speeds up http access – ws+TLS+CDN protocol accelerates CDN access.

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I haven't written much in Recent October. Today to the water a hair, by the way to make up the file.
Many people around October, the use of foreign manufacturers of small machines have been walled. Most people look at YouTube, v2Ray in the group. The ws+TLS+CDN protocol was saved. Of course, many people are curious about why the CDN is not very fast.
Everyone eats cake together. Divide into N parts all go to San Jose? (Where do you think it is going, free cf, foreign acceleration, domestic deceleration is indisputable fact)
Speaking of the three major domestic operators, the location of the export area is different. Make a big circle around the earth. The delay can be fast. This requires CDN shunting. Most people use cloud flare's CDN products. However, the free natural walk is San Jose, USA. How to change the machine room. The official website of cloud flare has a machine room that can be exchanged. Krypton gold . Yes Krypton gold gives you a stronger. In the past, when cloud flare was registered, you could also touch some better computer rooms in Hong Kong. But now it's basically San Jose, USA.
Since you don't want to spend kryptonite, you want a lot better experience. Take a chestnut, you small machine, 10M. But your network obviously can't run 10M, which is not very uncomfortable. Superior machine room. Obviously, simple kryptonite. Click the keys yourself and you're done.
But since I want to white prostitutes, I still want to accelerate better and more steadily. After all cf free traffic. Speaking of ws+tls, this protocol goes to http. Because it is a web page. Therefore, CDN can speed up parsing. (AS THE CDN has introduced) I will not describe it here. Domestic free white prostitutes and shoot clouds, small water pipes go Tencent, Ali. The results are pretty good. (You ask me to build my own CDN?) We'll talk about it later)
Let's talk about how to find a good cloud flare CDN room. There are links. With a machine room that can be used easily, how to change it? Keep looking.
How do we use other computer rooms? White prostitute's words. Cloud flare enrollment programs
For those who don't have one, you can look online for those who offer to register for the program. Now cloud flare this approval is very strict. No way, it didn't work as well as before.
Sign in to your cloud flare account and join the other person's sign-up program. Remove your domain from cloud flare and enter it in someone else's sign-up program. Resolve domain name add record gets. One of your domain names goes through a CHAME record resolution that someone else plans.

When we need http website domain name resolution, we need to go to different hosts according to different network conditions. to optimize the network distribution (CDN) service so that the experience is good. (You can't make you a dynamic route table in the CDN host to improve your resolution optimization line) Then we choose another way.
At this time, your domain name DNS resolver can no longer go cloud flare. We modified it to other homes. (Extremely recommended tencent under dnspod) It has a line for accessing domain name providers that can't go through. This function can be used to solve the problem of allocating CDN computer room parsing.
First move to dnspod parsing. Add a parsing value. Here's a word.
Tips; everyone's domain name resolution generally takes their own IPV4 host address or ipv6 host address. Go for the parsing of the cloud flare covered with a CDN shell. Someone else won't resolve your domain name to attack your server address. Because he pinged to the address distributed by the CDN. When we choose the source of chame for domain name resolution. It is possible to prescribe one, multiple A record parsing to speed up your chame parsing.

So we delete the original domain address, A resolves the value. Use chame as the default for the domain name. Clear the DNS cache. If the parsing value obtained by pinging is the chame parsing value in the other party's cloud flare enrollment plan, then we will proceed to the next step.
Add the @, A node. In The network selection, select Carrier Resolution. Fill in the IP address of the cloud flareCDN computer room.
Tips: The mobile export is going to Hong Kong, and the Asia-Pacific region is better delayed. For example, Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo. Unicom is still the first to promote San Jose. Walking the rest is not ideal. Telecom is naturally CN2. Europe can be considered. However, the latency is high and the packet loss is stable. For details, see cloud flare CDN computer room table.
Test yourself and choose a better computer room. You can use the webmaster tool ping. Let's look at the test node situation by region.
My personal use is that the delay in moving is reduced to about 60ms. Stable YouTube 1080p does not caton (after all, it is a 10M) small machine.

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