Tentsuko Another personal interpretation.

Tentsuko Another personal interpretation.

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I don't like to write film reviews. For me, the film is nothing more than a condensed version of the novel. But novels are stories. (Advanced Story)

Yet the novel is for the author. Behind the creation of each fragment, there is a creative origin. What is the origin of life behind these? Derived from documentary. The reason behind the emergence of those problems is the inspiration that I have been thinking about for many years.

"Weather Child" I don't want to talk about this movie. Most of the reviews I see are still more bad than positive. However, the perspective of my own creation, because I always care about the scarcity of those issues to talk about Tren. This makes expressions that are ignored by no one become like meaningless words.

In this movie (novel) I only talk about my personal experience.

1, no one talked about it, I think this movie is just a double ending. But there are three segments. Different short stories are expressed. (Different locations have different side endings.) )

The kind of running to the big city at the beginning of the game, a person's desire to survive, is to give people a full sense of motivation. It's so real that everyone is like that. Surviving in an unfamiliar city is not easy. Get a job and survive. Frustration and the happiness of finally reaching the other shore is a positive energy movie worth giving to teenagers.

In the second stage, a movie will have a relationship to tell the story. Encounters, depictions of emotions. (Dog food that abuses dogs, I don't want to eat) is based on fiction, an expression derived from life, exaggerated realism.

But it implies that it is not life, it is so. Those pains, with thoughts that cannot be conveyed, messages.

Can the interests of groups and individuals, sacrificing individuals, really meet everyone's needs? In fact, such a back pot situation. It happens often. That is, the so-called first everyone ending.

Segment three, but to meet everyone's needs, can we really calm the mood of the loser? For individuals, they need a perfect ending that satisfies the individual. That is, in the film, the male protagonist's desperate proof, but for the movie, the way the story is expressed. Everybody knows it. No novel wants to describe the loser, the loser's ending. But that's real. Because the truth is, the gap between you and the success you have is not something that can be shortened. There are too many in this regard, deficiencies with nests, and stubbornness with the losers to the end. Yet for a group of people like them. The tragic ending is not what they chose, but no one will choose to understand and believe in them. Even if it is expressed, no one will believe it, but it is a shameful laugh to get it. It was a group of people of the wrong era, fate tricked them, they were not stubborn, and their appearance was becoming more and more sleek in order to survive. In fact, it is just a kind of self-protection.

The final dark ending is just a testament. Many things, sooner or later, will return to their original point. The older people are, the more they know this truth. The cycle of all things begins and cycles.

The happiness of two people really makes the orphan single dog. Sprinkle the dog food hard.

I just want to express my personal, pessimistic realism. Stereotypes, nothing more.

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