The right way to clear Polybridge? smash?

Posted on 2019-12-18  260 Views

Steam has a game that's casual and boring. But it is very much in line with mechanics and construction.

Of course, it is more realistic to restore the sense of reality!

Polybridge, I remember seeing someone playing this,steam buying it. Although I don't play many levels, BGM is very casual and relaxed. And it's a lot of fun to build bridges. Of course, the Workshop has a lot of interesting, more advanced mods.

Recently my friend and I started an unorthodox way of crossing the bridge.

Originally this level was going to be normal, set up. Bridges, timber erected. But how to choose the easiest way to cross the bridge is to save money and pass quickly. this?

Of course, please do not ask the person concerned how the driver feels. Because he really just crossed the bridge quickly.