Strange comments

Strange comments

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I didn't want to talk about what happened on this site, it was the first domain name I used to make a site. It is not known where he was retrieved for the leak. But have to say. It's boring to have this sort of thing happen. It's not the first time.

1) Top domain names are much more valuable than xyz domain names. XYZ is very unintended to have to say. I would never have imagined that my top site would have a whole bunch of crooked nuts wanting DOSS.

2) But my domestic set of Tencent cloud shell, foreign set of cloudflare shell. Can you find my hosting address? In fact, it is not difficult to find it. It's a pity they can't understand Chinese. I find it boring to take this kind of email disgusting me? In my comments on ads??

3) Why don't I open comments to block a type of plugin, email can fill my mailbox. I really can't stand it. The average daily traffic is not very large. These broilers give me brush traffic? It's boring!

It's funny, ins sales!
Interesting to visit location. China is 0

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