Linux system to change the image source of the University of Science and Technology

Linux system to change the image source of the University of Science and Technology

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Of course, the image source is used domestically. Domestic, Tsinghua, University of Science and Technology of China, Ali, NetEase. It's all right.

Although I don't want to be the mirror source of Amway University of Science and Technology here, I have to say that they have a tool that is very easy to use.

Click here to visit

Here you just need to choose https access (save the operator to block http) ipv6/ipv4 depending on your protocol support.

However, mobile ipv6 is really problematic. If you don't know, you can choose ipv4

I see the U.S. image source for each version of Debian and Ubuntu. Save yourself the trouble of changing the version every time.


raspberry PI 4B+

Let's take a look at this faction (only 4b+ supports which systems are available)

  • openWrt (soft routing)
  • Official Debian
  • Official Ubuntu server 19.10 ( this is a pit )
  • BalenaCloud (Internet of Things, probably and Windows lot that thing connected to azure, like a joke, you think about the domestic network environment, basically lost 90 percent of the packets. The results were found. On this network environment, exploded in situ)
  • Windows lot(4B not supported)
  • Windows 10 ARM(does not support 4B) this thing 4B + UEFI compatible I have not seen.
  • Kodi (TV box, die hard. It's 2020 now. Kodi 2019 domestic plug-ins are basically wasted. Do you still expect kodi not to scientifically access the Internet to work? , but you can also M3U8 PVR stream to see TV)
  • Ubuntu Mate (4B is not supported, don't ask, just can't get in.) Didn't fit. No signal for connecting HDMI)
  • mozilla iot. (Same joke as Balena, but I didn't configure it, I think Firefox's server can still be used domestically.) But it looks fit. I really don't need it. )
  • NAS (you think about how much you toss, if you are really extremely geeky, then I believe you, you will succeed)

In a word, the official Debian is best used. Others can upset you very much. Too tired to find the information. I had no choice but to burn other OS.

By the way, I found that the recent CF Unicom, the telecom node computer room is very explosive. Access to the home page is weakly prepared to update the next parsing.

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