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The most worthy of inclusion should be the ipv6 chicks

Why? You can try visiting one of my sites www.jsmsr.com

Some people will wonder, without ipv4 how do you make the ipv4 device accessible?
First of all, domestic (I just know that I can't move) ipv6 does not block 80 port yo

There is no problem with making a website. 443 Of course, there was no ban.

imply. You can go by getting the ipv6 machine to go to the powerful cloudflare
Get access to ipv4. I once said science on the Internet. Nowadays ws+tls. This way. Since it is the website port 443

It's perfectly fine to make a machine that goes back home.

ipv6 restrictions do not have to be accessed on websites that do not support ipv6. That's where the headache comes in.