NVIDIA GeForce NOW review

NVIDIA GeForce NOW review

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Lately I’ve been tempted to talk about cloud gaming.

A friend threw me an article late last month. About Nvidia’s NOW can white prostitute his free tier for free. It seems to be free for 1 hour a day.

Speaking of cloud gaming. The earliest to do this should be the domestic Dalong Cloud . But the general rate is high. Later, Dalongyun may have changed his home. Feels like the service has adjusted a lot. Spurned by the player.

So this article, ostensibly talking about NVIDIA’s NOW this cloud game, actually I want to talk about cloud computers, cloud gaming field.

The cloud product that the user accesses. That is, RDP (Remote Connection) cloud computer. Except that it’s different from our traditional VNC remote connection or ssh login.

1. We can’t get the actual public IP address.

2The actual use permission is lower. Only play game, watch web is supported.

Let’s go back to NVIDIA NOW because of his server. Only the U.S. and European zones are within the free-to-use range. Overall. The gaming experience is still very good. The steam platform has a lot of platform games with Upplay and Epic.

Preferred it is support for gamepad control and keyboard control.

Panday2 handle control schematic

Speaking of server latency. Yes, you are basically inaccessible in the country. In my proxy service premium (midnight) situation. I can connect to his UW west/EU server. In the case of network delays, it is also an unsafe image quality. But compared to the domestic cloud game, NVIDIA is still very good in this regard.

Of course, there is good news. It was around the end of 19 years. Nvidia is deploying on the Asian side. Japan and South Korea for this aspect of NVIDIA NOW service. Japan is represented by SoftBank softbank. The first pre-registration closes by March 1. The two batches of beta qualifications around the same period were issued.

Registration is possible until the end of July. Experience 1k8 yen per month. Play for free before pre-registration.

Yes, I’m not in the test. Otherwise I should use a Japanese server with lower latency for the gaming experience.

The NVDIA now service in the queue is also fast. About 30s to go in (hint, the domestic shun network cloud, queue 3 people to get 30min)

CSGO (note that it is the International Zone)

Because it is the server of the US. So I’m giving gogo (CSGO) around players who are searching for players in the United States and Canada.

Your own day lol opens to the Discounted Special Forces skin of The Hero of Destiny Planck

Yes, I’m a captain player. On a single iron mixer. Of course, this version is really not good for the captain. It’s hard to C look like.

There are Watch Dogs 1 and Watch Dogs 2 and some EPIC games.

Classic series Half-Life. hitman 。 There are still quite a few steam platform games. Of course there is no small butter. Galgame。 Spread hands.

I didn’t see only one PUBG and GTA series, assassin’s creed. No game of Blizzard has been seen yet. If Destiny 2 counts. 2333

IP in Spain. ASN is indeed NVIDIA

When I used the EU’s server again before. Use Steam’s browser. Looked at the IP,

When we introduced Nvidia’s NOW, this cloud gaming service. It’s time for us to get back to business. Let’s talk. Cloud Gaming.

Because it is a foreign server. It is very uncomfortable to play in the country. Tencent is doing the same project. It also has its own plan. And it’s working with NVIDIA. There is no news yet. Only years ago. Tencent Start has opened up a number of test qualifications. Watching their test video, it feels very dependent on wegame, which Tencent once evolved from TGP game library.

For more information, you can learn about access. In the regions where qualifications are tested: Guangdong, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu, Tianjin, Hebei, Anhui, Chongqing, Sichuan

Domestic veteran Internet cafe Shun.com is also doing cloud games. Currently belongs to the inside. Connect to WeChat scan the code to log in. The server can be said to be weak. Often appears in. The reaction is too slow, which is caused by their lack of NAT machine optimization. So I went in and used teamviewer to transit. You can get the ultimate high-end access.

Of course, Google also has a cloud gaming platform developed. Stadia I learned about on Google’s website. It feels like Google is selling its own peripherals. Cloud gaming platform provided. Think about the servers that block Google in China. Basically, don’t think about it.

Cloud gaming. Play on a convenient mobile device. Is it really the future direction of game play? Or rely on the old technology to rise with a high-end PC.

As far as I know. Last Year 19 June passed. Many vendors are eager to try out cloud gaming.

Finally, Tianyi Cloud Computer. You can prostitute for about a month. Configuration of 2c4g. Small water pipe of 2M.

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