Two steps forward, one step back

Two steps forward, one step back

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Why do we always like to occupy a lot of resources and internal friction when a company starts. And it caused a fight between various departments. And when in order to operate and develop, have to make cost reductions.

I see a lot of po owners opening new projects and scaling back old projects in the process of operational development.

People are always counting how many words they have entered in their lifetime, but in fact, behind them should be counted what he has deleted. How many times backspaced. (The implication behind this is that one always sees the results of others again, and one should think about how many times he has made mistakes for his answers.) )

Maybe others, (i.e., objective beings, people from God's point of view) will laugh and start with such a big cake and then take it back, which is ridiculous. The passage of time. In fact, the meaning behind many repetitive wheels is that there is no clearer idea and framework at the beginning. Or that in some ways it doesn't exist.

You can't anticipate what's going to happen in the future and make changes. All you can do is minimize the things that will be difficult to deal with in the future. The cost is significant.

However, most of this demand, internal friction, is some superfluous time-consuming problem. Time becomes longer, and if it cannot play a corresponding role, it must seem to be a waste.

But is it really wrong to think conservatively, this kind of defensive mistake? This way of thinking without moving forward two blocks and retreating one block. Is that right?

I don't have the answer, it's worth thinking about.

And, whenever I repeat this behavior many times, I always ask myself a question, so that I really did it right. However, I will never regret what I did wrong, and I hope that it is meaningful in futile behavior.

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