It's an apology, and a start to a new year with a blessing!

It's an apology, and a start to a new year with a blessing!

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Write an apology here@itsneko! Because of my negligence, I didn't realize it was more than a month later. I didn't see your message. Probably something happened to the sending system. I didn't receive a few messages at the time in my mailbox, and I'm sorry here. I will definitely take good note of it in the future to avoid this mistake.

In addition, the new year also asks bloggers to work harder. My blessing is late. (Although I could also tamper with the time to make it out in advance.) But I have to take responsibility for my mistakes.

Set up a flag in advance, I may be able to cut down on food and clothing (reduce maintenance costs) this rice is going to be unaffordable for me. (Due in June) I'm sorry. Please please change the station to Thank you! After a while I will post this year's announcement of my website maintenance migration. Reissue a few articles written last year but didn't send out, they lie in my keep. Because I wrote it down, I probably didn't sort it out well. What was missed in the second half of last year still has to be made up.

Dated January 5, 2021.

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