Big Sure entry points north

Big Sure entry points north

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We probably finally saved enough gold. Got into a Macbook. The M1 Mac didn’t disappoint me.

Explanation of the premise: I have only used black apples before~

This article is divided into feature introductions to bug sure improvements using (in this case, more DIY features).

(Little White Big Sure Refers to the North Guide)

Mac is not suitable for using a mouse. But that’s not to say that a mouse shouldn’t be used. Rather, this interactive experience allows keyboards and touchpads to easily replace the mouse. But esports can’t be replaced. In fact, the cost of shortcut key learning is not very high.

We’re plugging in the Japanese version of the keyboard. And the English keyboard is still a lot different. For details, please refer to the accompanying figure below.

CN/English keyboard
JP Japanese keyboard

For apple keyboards, go to this link. See the differences between keyboards by country.

The cost of keyboard learning is very much in need of adaptability. Many of them have to change the Ctrl combo shortcut to Command on Win systems. We’re probably going to have a Japanese keyboard. It is obvious that Control switches languages in the source Chinese exactly where the caps lock button is located.

Similarly, the Japanese keyboard’s alphanumeric =ABC かな=kana and the FN key combination runs next to the number key on the right. This causes me to always have to press to the right by cutting the input method. (That’s right. The Mac bar language switch is placed in the FN instead) and the FN on the left is really a simple capitalization lock. Fantastic!!!

command (replaces Ctrl in a Mac desktop environment) option (slightly replaces Alt in a Mac environment) control (in a non-Mac desktop environment. Take virtual machines, for example. ssh, remote host. The advantages of control are obvious) There are still many combination keys. The cost of learning is still very easy.

Select All Command+A Delete Command+Del (Enter) Choose screenshot command+shift+4 (Screenshot button suggestion 4 can be replaced with 3, 2 try it or you can take your own screenshot according to the scenario. Cut Copy Copy The principle has to be figured out by yourself.

Exit not close is Command+Q(remember) Many app closures are not the same as ending it, it may still be running in the background)

This 2K resolution screen is still very good. (The screen stain is really obvious.) Please use a clean cloth, which is probably the kind of cloth that wipes your eyes. Can easily clean off dust, fingerprints)

Oh yes, resolution in System Preferences – Display – Resolution – (Zoom)

You said the original color of this thing. There is no need to turn it on. Look at personal preferences. (Turning on does not damage the screen) is just a screen based on the external light intensity of the display color is just a cold differentiation. However, the original color is useless when the video graphics are working.

Touchpad this thing really your learning. Pinch the luachpad to let go of the display desktop. Side-by-side out widgets

Drag the phone page up and down like slide the page up and down. (Mac this is really good) Double tap video to adapt to your own window. You’ll have to turn on the click trackpad = left-click. The shock response of both the trackpad and the touchbar is really good.

Three fingers drag this slowly to learn by yourself. Habits will find simple. Where you want to drag the file to wherever you want.

Speaking of the Apple ID account synchronization album function, how to say it. We are poor. (Can’t afford Apple’s storage) use the google album service next door + self-built server. As for how to connect to Google servers, there is not much to say. Basically, we rely on foreign apps to survive. Domestic apps are not used except for the necessary social networking and payment.

For file synchronization. Browsers access their own servers, and devices with basic access to the Internet can be downloaded. So not very worried. Here the network disk synchronization software also pushes Microsoft’s OneDrive and MEGA. Suitable for network environments. At least mega can be used in China. Ali’s teambtion is also good. Of course you have to touch the internal test qualifications. Although Baidu Cloud overseas unlimited speed is also free 2T. But we really don’t like Baidu’s server. The data is put on the domestic Internet company and it will be over. This vigilance can never be put down.

Knock on the blackboard, Apple TV+ Well, you can get a year of free Apple TV+ services when you buy a Mac. Basically, the Chinese people will elect the Japanese area and the United States district. Suggest the U.S. zone. You can get by with PayPal. Day zone It does not recognize the domestic MasterCard and Visa. Although some people say that the JCB can pass. Probably we didn’t have a credit card in our hand.

You’ll want to test system preferences yourself so that your Mac can DIY itself according to its own ideas. For example, the size of the Dock bar. History, delimiter.

Four fingers drag the trackpad to switch desktops. This one is really comfortable. Hit a Win system next door. You also have to quickly combine the keys.

At present, there are not many apps for the ARM architecture. Although running with translation. Most run stably, but the Mac ecosystem is certainly good. But there are always people who have to install win virtual machines. I didn’t experiment with The Win TOGO medium.

Currently, you can install the ARM version using Parallels’ beta M1 version (participate in the win preview program to get ARM windows).

Regarding OBS screen recording, etc., please give the corresponding permissions so that you can capture the window. When capturing a game, set the game to run as windowed.

If you have an iPAD on the same network and the same Apple ID in the case of Home With you as the mac’s second extended screen is really good.

Most people will use amway Mac program software to have a better experience. I didn’t want Amway. I only push one hand and reuse it myself and think it’s good.


As a workhorse for your day-to-day work, your Mac is sure to have a bunch of windows open every day. And it can be highlighted for your current window. Boost your productivity. See figure below

Highlights the current window

The GitHub Student Pack owns this activation key. So don’t worry about trial issues.


Use as a short-term reserve warehouse for your documents. Presumably you want to move the contents of multiple folders at once. Use it. You can temporarily hold your files while opening a Finder window when you get to the destination folder. Throw it in at once. Probably I didn’t explain it very well. Install your own experience on your own app store.

batter touchbar

If you can’t stand the lack of features that come with touchbar, you want more advanced customization. Please use this software .

45day trial period. I don’t want to be portable and fast. It is recommended to Google search for what others have written. But there must be some bugs. But quick portability must be good. Tip for electricity.

How to customize the icon size of the lauchpad launcher.

Run the Terminal program and execute the following command:

1. Adjust the number of icons displayed in each column, 10 means that each column displays 10

defaults write springboard-rows -int 10

2. Adjust the number of icons displayed in each row, here I use 8

defaults write springboard-columns -int 8

3. Due to the modification of the number of icons displayed on each page, you need to reset The Launchpad

defaults write ResetLaunchPad -bool TRUE; killall Dock

(Yes, your app will be scrambled, sorted by default but will get a wider Lauchpad icon size)

Apple/ipad software can be installed based on M1. i.e. IPA program. However, there are still many bugs in the mobile version. May not be used. At present, the Apple store’s iPhone and iPad software is still a few.

You can extract the installation files yourself from the ipa to M1 crystals that the Mac runs. The YouTube music pictured above is the iPad version.

Write here first. More in the future!

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