Sony xperia docomo XZ2C fallback system

Sony xperia docomo XZ2C fallback system

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This article is only suitable for sharing my experience. Also indicates an attempt.

Sony phone, really funny. I remember there was a picture, well, the screenshot saved by the fallback system was gone, and someone on the TG Telegram taunted the fool who bought sony’s phone.

Of course I’m not the one who eats crabs. I don’t have that capital. But I do have people around me who really love Sopha’s phone. Mark 2.ummmmm was also included last year

Next, of course, I found one second-hand. First of all, I will explain myself when I went to an open class last year. The once mix2S was forgotten by me in the open class classroom. When I go back to find it. Long gone. Later, I simply didn’t find it.

My own values, do not like it or spray it. I’m a loyal Qualcomm user, which means qualcomm’s flagship processor chip phone feels. MediaTek, Kirin is never my choice. However, the low-end router MTK can also be considered. But Kirin I and Huawei this brand. Never touch the edges.

This can be the last 845 small steel cannon. Perfect smaller inch, if not the popularity of direct screen 2K screen in recent years. In the past, I didn’t like the big-screen phone. It means Samsung I always look uncomfortable.

Android with native. Google Family Bucket. I don’t like that set of things in China. No way. Overseas systems are my priority.

We were tao sony’s phone for the first time. XZ1c is 835, and I think of the previous piece of Xiaomi Mi 6 that hot. Let me dismiss this piece. The last XZ2C was chosen.

Yin and yang. We have a whole piece of the Japanese version of docomo’s custom machine. Android 10. Mobile phone one plus 865 top with Android 10. The Androids next to you are all Android 10, 11 bottom. 845 This piece of U for three years is all the way from oreo 8, but it is interesting.

Roll back and start looking for tutorials. Different from domestic machines. Play Meizu in the past. Have a lot of experience in the forums of the old maozi (Russians).

Xiaomi’s play machine is the easiest. When I was using a hammer. The 9008 line really carries my dream of brushing the phone.

Sofa does not have an official bottom bag, nor does it have a normal driver, nor does the REC have a mobile phone. alas.

The N version of the flash tool only recognized that the ftf bottom package I downloaded was also funny.

Then swipe the card BL lock, can not brush in, can give me a bad. The Japanese version of BL is also inexplicable to death.

The BL lock was unblocked. (Garbled because, my system language does not Chinese a service pack)

You have to go to the sony unlock website to apply for unlocking, take the code and unlock it in flashboot. (There are many tutorials)

Flashing unlock logs, see

In the end, the yin and yang were wrong, and the downgrade was successfully brushed.

Sony’s flashing tool flash tool is not very good to use, it is possible to find the downloaded ftf line brush package, it may not be able to enter because of driver problems. Please use this version, 0.9.28.

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