Gossip of your own

Gossip of your own

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There is no so-called maturity, it is nothing more than a group of people who have experienced despair to let a group of people who have not experienced despair to experience their despair, to win the so-called sympathy and understanding. But the desperate seeker is simply a kind of support and relief.

There is no such thing as growth, nothing more than making a change. A person's growth is nothing more than making one change after another. No one likes to change all the time, and one day he will stay in one or find his own comfort zone.

(Supplement with January 26 Diary) Things have been forgotten!

What I expected, maybe really wrong. There is no such thing as the children of angels with broken arms who snuggle up to each other and try to fly. Nor will there be anyone who likes to protect the weak. The world itself despises the weak.

People who see things at a shallow level. Man is born to be alone in the face of all this and all things that are against himself. If you find a companion, then congratulations, you are still too superficial . You have not yet reached the loneliness of a person, to be able to endure, to be able to like.

(Updated on January 19, 2020, iOS Memorandum)

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