Cloud Gaming II

Cloud Gaming II

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Talk about cloud gaming

Continued, last year's NVIDIA NOW review.
At that time, I hung up an agent to visit the cloud games operated by Nvidia overseas.
In the second half of last year, major domestic manufacturers launched their own cloud games.
Perhaps Internet access is easier, and the bandwidth redundancy of the Internet is enough to support a large number of players to squeeze into the cloud computer one after another.
I have tested NetEase's cloud computer. Remote computer directly on a web page. Simple and effortless. Of course, it also develops a mobile version.
After all, 10 years have passed. From the original processing of files can not be separated from the computer, now on the smartphone can solve a variety of problems.
Although I kind of want to step back and change back to the feeling of the functional machine era. Maybe it's too much information and too many choices. Anxiety difficulties, difficult choices, but also appeared.
Although there are many choices, what is the best?
Last year, Tencent and Nvidia had a partnership in the cloud gaming field. Although this is not important. In fact, tencent was launching its own cloud game last year. start
successively support win, Mac, Android TV, of course, the mobile phone is still in internal testing.

What problems did cloud gaming solve?
1. Cross-domain game
(cross-service). 2. Platform device synchronicity (cross-device) (play game on
Mac). 3. Play low with high
4. Save
time 5. Space-saving (data is
priceless). 6.
etc This thing is not a cloud game made up by itself, but a cloud computing server has long had.

As I write this, I flipped my hand. Looking at it, last year netizens did not recognize cloud games, this technology.
Some people say that the damage is the revenue interests of the game
manufacturers Cloud gaming is also tied to console gaming. (I was completely confused and had nothing to do with
it.) Expensive? Joke? Who told him that cloud gaming is linked to 5G?
Your 100 megabit bandwidth is completely stress-free. Cloud gaming. However, China has one of the lowest Internet communication tariffs in the world. Broadband is simply cabbage price.

It is precisely because time is expensive, time cost fragmentation, cloud games such a convenience, you and I it three-way mutually beneficial things, on the contrary, do not recognize. Don't know what to think.

Talk about cloud gaming

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