Yahoo mailbox

Yahoo mailbox

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Speaking of Yahoo, though it doesn't have the glory of the past. I think the netizens of 0x years have never been unfamiliar with this name. (Yahoo China / Yahoo China)

Although it later lost a good game. For Yahoo at that time, it did not expect Google microsoft to take the position.

There is no need to talk about Yahoo China and Zhou Hongwei's troubles.

An email address is the most basic business that a domain name can do. And it means that you register a domain name, use the server to build an email system, it can be said that every domain name can be implemented.

However, in the old days, not everyone could enjoy servers at the same low price as they do today. Downgraded access to domain names and computer thresholds was not conceivable at the time.

For the operators of major websites, it is crucial to provide a stable mail system. However, free public mailboxes are even more popular.

Once upon a time, I vaguely remembered the various common mailbox login shortcuts in the top corner of the major Yellow Pages navigation websites.

To this day, I also use my domain name to carry out various email basic services.

Initially register the account, email address. IE comes with ITSN, from MSN to Yahoo to Google, one Internet search engine after another. To Baidu recommended by others Amway.

Maybe it was the later Google withdrawal from China, MSN was also changed to bing, yahoo China cool.

For a long time, Yahoo could not get The Chinese mobile phone number to register an email address. It was also occasionally suddenly remembered, and I tried again, and then I got the mailbox that should have belonged to me.

There are always some sites where overseas mailboxes are better to use than domestic mailboxes. There are always some Chinese websites that are limited to domestic mailbox registration.

Before that, maybe I was in love with the Yahoo brand. I've been using JPyahoo

SoftBank has made the Japanese yahoo popular. Independent subsidiaries. But compared to yahoo, the sharp shrinkage of the United States overseas has barely been long-term operation today. Before the giants of the century fell, I still loved its services.

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