Gender diversity ?

Gender diversity ?

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First of all, declare! I should respect some of the titles of certain groups, and should not use titles with the same color of social nature. Instead, titles that justify respecting their groups should be used.

This attitude should be held to accommodate inclusion, as well as people in this group.


L: Lesbian (Les)

G: gay (gay) (Gay)

B: Bisexual (bisexual)

P: Pansexual (Pansexual) (Pa)

T: Transgender (Transgender) (MTF) (FTM)

Q: Queer

I: Intersex (bi-gender)

A: Asexual (asexual)

K: Kink (special sexual preference)

QIAPK shouldn’t be the first thing I’m talking about, I think that’s the source of the LGBT community;

First of all, as a bi-gender person is rare, and according to the information that can be read and consulted, Queer is not very different from Pansexual and bisexual in the current public perception. If someone writes their sexual orientation as pansexual/queer, it will be defined as a bisexual group.

And at the moment I think being kink is a sexual fetish that most people have. For example: fetishism (pedophilia is not classified from existence, this should be moral distortion) (but I hold a certain attitude, perhaps in a certain social environment, pedophilia is legal. Long live Lolita? )


It is also a relatively rare group. And the vast majority of people are known to be heterosexual. But I think that every kind of person who defines a group classification for himself but at the same time, he should include one kind of group that is not his or her, but also have other kinds. (I also consider human thoughts to be uncontrollable and diverse;

Same-sex sexuality and same-sex sex

I think that sexuality is a reproductive capacity that organisms themselves have, through human sociology, numerous religions, sciences. Under the influence of cognition, cognition is given different symbols, different concepts and different meanings for the reproductive organs.

Same-sex sexual behavior exists in animals. Man also exists. But homosexuality is given the concept of same-sex sexuality. It’s not just about same-sex love, it’s about sex. and other complex concepts.

Bisexual and pansexual

Some bisexuals may not be able to distinguish from a boundary criterion for pansexuality.

But I think bisexuality only summarizes things as male/female. (Not biological sex, but self-identifying gender.) Transcendence Gender Dualism ) Pansexuality refers to the feeling of sexual attraction or admiration of any person of any biological or social gender.

Pansexuality is different from asexuality: Wikipedia

Pansexuality may refer to oneself as genderless, arguing that biological and social sex are not the determinants of one’s own romantic feelings or sexual attraction to others.

Pansexuality may call itself pansexual or see itself as a branch of bisexuality.

Ethics and Cognition

From a moral point of view, same-sex sexual behavior (traditionally believed that sexual behavior that is not intended for the purpose of procreation and reproduction) belongs to it, which is contrary to moral concepts. If people are bound by traditional moral ideas, rainbow groups they have a hard time moving to accept.

Psychological shadows

From a psychological point of view, if a person has experienced bad things in the past life, it will produce psychological shadows and be stimulated and hit. Without being guided by others, as well as self-extricating. Cognition is able to self-identify in cases. He may have a fear of the sexual act itself, a dislike. Not to mention same-sex sex.

Added on April 30. Previously written on April 2. (New ideas will be added later!)

To sum up

Bisexuality is the idea that you will be attracted to people of the same sex as well as other genders

Pansexuality is the idea that you will be attracted to people of all genders (regardless of the gender of the other person)

Total sex refers to the fact that you will be attracted to people of all genders (but his/her gender is also important to you)

Polysexuality means that you will be attracted to people of at least two genders (but not from the concept above)

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