Whatever you want to write

Whatever you want to write

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Sometimes when writing articles, the language is always more rigorous and rigid. In fact, the feeling of chatting in life should be casual, although the use of words should be rigorous and appropriate (although I often use poor words is not appropriate), but the professional vocabulary is always said and people who have no interest in listening/watching are also very boring. They can only go along with it. Or just hate it.

In my daily life, I will write down what I have to do when necessary to ensure that I am thinking in a certain state in the past or what is thinking in my mind. At first I tried vocabulary, and then philosophical sentences. For me, different languages bear different stories in past memories. Some have to teach me to grow, some have to let me learn, understand what.

But when it comes to writing, it's not easy to organize them. Sometimes the things you want to write limit what you have to write from the title.

Creation, my thinking itself is not like to be constrained, like not to play cards according to the rules. Maybe I think I can grasp something. In fact, it is just a matter of mastering what you know.

There are all kinds of human beings in this world, and maybe for human beings, I or we are just looking for a sense of community. And among a group of humans that exist in a universal group, we belong to the outlier. But if a group of outliers form a group. In this group we are normally humanized. The heterogeneity and normal are just cognitive differences and where we are in different groups. Probably the world is not necessarily different. It can't be the so-called time and place, and people lack it.

Emotional issues have to be mentioned, but they don't want to. But not saying it means I won't be able to pick it up next time. I must not pigeon, put in another article to complete its follow-up.

What have you been doing lately? Probably tired of being with my boyfriend. I studied attachment relationships well because it's important to our emotions. I'm also trying to dig DOGE.

Cognitive Commonalities Mental State Health BDSM:M(Seeking 1) Higher literacy

I talked to Broca last night about my emotional problems (actually phenolphthaleins), and I'm the kind of person who can say it easily, and he gave me some appropriate advice. But Broca is a very nice person. Psychologically, I was still very happy. When I wrote the first half yesterday, I was in a bad afternoon. And now maybe last night was a little closer. Now the mood is just right.

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