Hot summer days

Hot summer days

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If you are not careful, you will not be more blogged in three months! Stress no accident!

Before busy socializing, busy with exams. Busy with summer vacations. Maintain other projects.

Probably didn't go and write something here. Some projects are a bit halfway through laughing.

It always felt like categorizing the blog wasn't what I wanted. Write something over here, and write something over there. It feels like writing for the sake of writing, losing the feeling of posting when writing content. Instead, it makes the content repetitive and complicated.

I feel that I am sometimes the kind of person who is easy to give up halfway, when I have time, and when I have inspiration, I pick it up again.

Don't talk about the Internet, don't talk about technology. This time I only talked about myself, remembering that before Phenolphthalein asked me, why should I use someone else's name?

And I'm also thinking, I'm not the kind of person who can take names. How did the brain smoke at that time to take such a name.

Some time ago I was playing "You Draw I Guess". Talking to a person from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, the age difference is almost the same. Finally, when asked by name, he asked me to call him by his English name. When I was asked what my name was, did I call him Jioushan? I think this is far-fetched and awkward. laugh

I was thinking that my English name was all spelled backwards in my first letter. It seems that title is a complex issue. I hate giving an object or life a name. Especially depending on the current era, a noun derives too many meanings. The broad and profound culture of the Chinese language, I have also
been I have encountered that many people do not like their names. Because it may be a blow to the name of the milk and the surrounding culture. Its aversion to the meaning derived from its name leads to disgust and disgust for its title itself. Being called Mr. Li does not have any sense of exclusion at all.

Whether it is a red or white happy event, whose family is dead or whose children are in high school. Most of them could not arouse my state of mind in a pool of stagnant water. No volatility. Some time ago, I tried to learn to make Procast. Play it on Apple music or Spotify. Maybe I've recorded my own footage and haven't uploaded it
yet Give up on yourself. I felt that I simply didn't have time to be competent for how long it took to produce a show. When one is unconsciously absorbed in a state of concentration one has no intention of accomplishing anything. But it is true that blogs have become more and more popular in recent years. The country has always been a calm and calm appearance.

Write down this journal when you hear Amitabha's Head Shaking.

At noon on August 16. Tomorrow section four, I wish the driver's license to pass once. I also don't want to retake the exam. Although there is no limit to the number of times, there is no re-examination fee. After all, it's always a thing to drag this thing on. There is a beginning and an end. Wish!

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