Therapeutic understanding of unidirectional/bitinous disorder

Therapeutic understanding of unidirectional/bitinous disorder

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I shouldn't have expressed my mind here. But it is necessary to talk about it.

Mental illness that I used to be familiar with and need to talk about.

Bi-directional barrier Unidirectional disorder .

These two nouns are separately represented. Bipolar depression

Both diseases are diagnosed by emotional ups and downs.

1. I think: Treating mood disorders is an effective means of helping to alleviate bipolar disorder and depression. At present, I still insist on my past judgments, using psychoanalytic theory (talk as a benchmark, supplemented by drugs as a means to cooperate with treatment.

(In the past I would have been a list of disabled patients.) Now my boyfriend is a bi-directional disorder patient, and there used to be a large number of bi-directional disorder patients.

As a result, I had to regain the area i had abandoned. Relearn to adjust in order to cope with adjusting yourself and helping your boyfriend properly.

2. Cope with fluctuating emotions and thus look for attribution to the disease. Analysis helps it solve problems, and its help soothes emotions.

3. Properly perfect and help the patient to build his sense of self and help himself. A good patient should have autonomy and agency

4. Follow the order of gradual treatment not to be in a hurry. When the patient gradually stabilizes the party to move on to the next step.

(In this scenario, time is a dynamic variable.)

(The importance of companionship.)

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