Spit on yourself

Spit on yourself

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Writing is an unenforceable process.

A blog is a place to store your thoughts. Yikes! We're obviously a technology blog. The result is finally.

Technology to general. Emotionally, I also find a point to complain about myself. Even more outrageous is the registration of a handful of meters. In the end, it is the big guy who picks up other people's projects.

Summarize self-taught, uses. (For me only)

I don't know anything about any field. All tried. I remember there used to be an emoji: I was proficient in the installation and uninstallation of bulabla (various applications).

Programming is not very good, copying code, picking websites faster than anyone. Repeatedly building wheels is a perfect imitation.

O&M fur, repair router, switch OK. The entire enterprise LAN has to start from scratch.

However, the unix system is getting more and more comfortable. Win only reading books and reading newspapers play games! Laugh 🙂

Directional research. Stagnation, financial news faster than anyone. Global News First time to understand, domestic news do not look at all.

Literary attainments are in decline, and there is a boyfriend next to him. Grace and love, study to touch the fish. Time flies!

2021 is flying by, last year's goals, next year's new goals.

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