I and his emotions.

I and his emotions.

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The heart of love for me is broken again and again. I want to get ready to start this time. I have no regrets. Return to the previous state and continue to be yourself in pursuit of perfection.

I don't know what to write down.
I'm just fed up with your own past to take care of yourself. It has nothing to do with me. Your own choices and your consequences are also up to you. It's not my fault. Why impose it on me. The same thing was past disappointment. If you do the same to me.
It was torture for me.
I'm single-mindedly devoted to you, and you're not formal enough with me. And I am by no means a substitute for your past. There is no obligation to pay for your faults. Your discomfort don't build on my goodness. That's how I'm disappointed in you a little bit.

You understand everything you can understand. I have nothing to say, trust space, respect. Love is earned by oneself. What you have done for me, I will pay for you equally. If you impose your past tribulations on me, don't blame me for becoming unkind and unjust now.

You know I never talk angry, I don't hit people. Attitudes and behaviors confirm what I said. I have no regrets about being a person, so I don't think I have committed any mistakes. I've tried everything I've tried. Your actions also tell me your answer.

Instead of breaking up, say that you just changed your clean place and lived well. It's not that I don't let the feelings heat up. It's that you simply didn't let go of the past. You are not worthy of my kindness to you at all, and I have no obligation to always indulge and tolerate you.

My patience, my own thoughts, when did you care about me as much as I did with you. When it comes to interests, things you only care about yourself. Although it was originally a forest bird. But it is not a category of people. What you pursue is your materiality and your luxury. That's what deserves you. I am humble, I live a very ordinary life, and the forest of such a life
is not your nest after all.

I can't ask or know about you, I just want you to live a normal and ordinary life.
I'm always suspicious of me and hide (if a person is not wrong, then why is he not living a bright enough life, if a person is wrong, he can be forgiven, and what is the harm. You can't be honest, and I don't have to be so pushy)
Can't make mistakes, trust is mutually established. Love should also be equal to each other.
For me, love and loving someone are two different things. All matter. (I didn't squander my time because of my age, squandering what is called love, what is called need.) Don't say anything childish, and the so-called maturity is to interpret and understand and choose the right
way, and the so-called right value is different for everyone. I respect everyone equally. You don't deserve it, because even though you've received it, you've looked down on it now.
That's not my duty to be low-key.

Meet you, let me pick it up again, to be bold, to love someone with my heart.
It's just that in the end it's not what I love, and I don't want to be matched.

You should continue to pursue what you yearn for in your life' path. At least I know I don't deserve it. You also don't deserve what I have to give.

A drama often guesses its ending at the beginning. For me, what I do is nothing more than make it grow for both parties.

Perhaps relationships that should have been simple should not have developed to such complexity. And marriage is like a home that can't go down and become separated.

He Bitter and the two were embarrassed.

(Again and again cracks appear from the beginning, and if you don't pay attention to it, make up for it.) Small cracks will eventually break the whole thing)

I don't know when I'll be able to break up. But I think from the beginning he was doomed not to want to give anything in this relationship. And my humbleness alone doomed me to failure. I think such feelings come and go quickly. Adjusting yourself may not take long.


After chatting with their boyfriends, the two eventually reached a consensus and chose an open relationship. We will finally be together. But with his permission I can look for someone else to date. (Roughly, half a foot stepped out again)

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