Minio distributed bucket construction

Minio distributed bucket construction

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I haven’t written in a long time, water!

What is MINIO? (Not introduced, self-made)

It comes to because this software is open source and maintained too quickly

Maybe the friends who have built it in the past think it is like this

But now it’s like this

Deploy distributed storage We deploy it according to its official documentation. But if it’s OK all at once, then we also think the official is too simple.

Stepping on some pits gave me a headache for two days, which was too much of a headache compared to the pits I had stepped on in the past. Simply I watered this article.

Because we are deploying the server (server) side

The MC client basically connects the command line or third-party tools. I won’t dwell on it. (Unless you haven’t used a bucket.) (Self-made wife.)

We’re using its official Docker Compose deployment here

Step 1

So trouble your Linux installation under compare and docker

Step 2

wget under these two files (no wget self-installed wget)

Step 3

Then follow the official order

$ docker-compose pull

$ docker-compose up

Then he is running on your server process, but you want to access it through the domain name, it is recommended to study the nginx anti-generation (reverse proxy) yourself

Process occupies ports 9000, 9001, 9002;

What is written in Yaml can be modified before deployment



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